Serious Monkey Business

To say that I am excited about the upcoming Donkey Kong Country: Returns is like saying that the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred is excited about horrors from the stars. But obscure Lovecraftian references aside, the game release is looming above our heads and to commemorate that I present you with the biggest music project ever done centered around this franchise, or its best instance – Diddy’s Kong Quest in particular.

Serious Monkey Business is an album released by OCRemix, containing a great number of remixes from the game, covering a great number of genres. The one embedded here is but one of the fabulous masterpieces. Even David Wise, the original composer of the Donkey Kong soundtracks himself, has made one remix for the album.

In Donkey Kong Country: Returns he is replaced with Kenji Yamamoto who is in turn responsible for the Metroid Prime soundtracks, which are admittedly equally sexy. Come to think of it, it’ll be very interesting to see what Yamamoto will do with Wise’s original work. On paper it sounds more than awesome, but we will know for sure very soon.

All the songs from the album, both as a package and individual downloads, can be found here. Make sure to check Zelda Informer for an in-depth review of Donkey Kong Country: Returns, perhaps even in video format. Also let me take this opportunity to ask a question though – in lieu of the recent poll results demanding walkthroughs, would you want to see a walkthrough of Donkey Kong Country: Returns on Zelda Informer?

Cthulhu fhtagn.

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