September Artwork Update

The September update over at North Castle occured just over a week ago and with it comes a bunch of new fan fictions, artwork, and a ton of miscellaneous updates. Of course, here at Zelda Dungeon, we will be headlining a few of the great pieces of artwork.

When the Story Ends by Enless
Dark Zelda by Mysterious Hylian Warrior
Young Link by Patrick McMichael
Shapes of Evil by Malu CLBS

Of course, if you have any Zelda fan artwork, you can have it submitted to Juliet of North Castle and she’ll surely post it up. If you have contributed artwork to others sites on the net, why not share it with North Castle. You can even send me an e-mail and I’ll surely give it some exposure.

On a side note, we have a few things to announce later this week. We have been searching through a bunch of the staff applications and thus far, we have hired one new staff member. He should be making a formal introductory post within the next few days. Also, the next portion of the Twilight Princess video walkthrough should be available within the week. Be sure to check back then.

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