Screenshot at Dec 20 14-25-04Let’s face it, no matter how much it wouldn’t work out, we all still want a Zelda film. Various fan projects have been released through-out the years, notable ones being the IGN April Fool’s Trailer and The Hero of Time, yet it never seems that they fill our need for a Zelda film, but rather make us want one more. This has led to a small community of various Zelda short films, usually 3-6 minutes long, and they sure do have their gems. Independent film company, Microbin Films, has released what I think is the next gem. Hit the jump to check it out!

Secret of the Ruins may indeed be one of the better fan trailers to be out there right now. The story is extremely simple, but that’s what makes it feel Zelda like, sure there is one big overall story to the game, but if you could take any 5 minutes from your quest, there is a short simple story. The video looks great, alongside with the animations, costumes, actors, etc. Really digging the brown tunic.

I personally would love to see another Zelda trailer for the people behind this trailer, if not an entire film. What about you? Let us know in the comments below what you think of the video, and the Zelda film scene in general!

Source: YouTube

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