When we first reported on the Zelda Wii official art,

all we could grasp was a tiny image from some random Nintendo fansite. It

was blurry, and certain details were impossible to make out. However, we now have our

hands a full size shot of what is being touted as the

official art shown at E3 by Miyamoto of the next Wii Zelda.

Interestingly enough, it seems legit due to certain sites that have

posted it, as well as the interview discussions and reports from sites

such IGN.


It’s a thing of beauty, no? Of course, this is all unconfirmed. Originally, this was talked about and shown in a small thumbnail at Nintendo World Report, but we found afullsize version at 4chan, so viewer beware. It seems to match everything we’ve been told about the photo, though, and appears at least at first glance to be legit. Still, take it for what it’s worth.

Looks like we have confirmation via Kotaku.

To view the discussion of this picture and Zelda Wii in general on our forum, look here.

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