Warning: This post contains spoilers for Tri Force Heroes.

Earlier today, Japan received an all-new five-minute trailer for Tri Force Heroes. Included in this trailer were 7 costumes, and we have taken screenshots of all of them. These screenshots are viewable in the gallery below.

The costumes revealed in the trailer are as follows:

  • A ninja-looking costume, functions unknown
  • I honestly have no idea. He looks like a Valkyrie warrior.
  • A fairy-looking costume, functions unknown,
  • A samurai-looking costume, functions unknown
  • A Zora costume, which allows Link to swim at high speeds.
  • A Goron costume, which allows Link to swim in lava.
  • A cactus-looking costume, which will damage an enemy that touches you.

Which costume is your favorite? Personally, I can’t wait to use the cactus costume. Consider leave your answer in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo Japan

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