Back in May, it was revealed that the Link amiibo would be compatible with the next highly-anticipated Yoshi game, Yoshi’s Woolly World. While the game has not been launched in North America yet, Nintendo has released the game in Japan, Europe, and Australia.

Being that the game has already been released in three continents, we were curious about how the various amiibo costumes will work, especially the Zelda costumes. The News Staff at Zelda Informer figured that you would like to see them as well, so we took the liberty of capturing screenshots of all five Zelda amiibo costumes being unlocked in-game: Link Yoshi, Toon Link Yoshi, Zelda Yoshi, Sheik Yoshi, and Ganondorf Yoshi. If you would like to see non-Zelda amiibo costumes being unlocked, you can check out this video.

You can check out all the high-resolution screenshots in the gallery below. Which Zelda Yoshi costume do you feel looks the best? Share your favorites with us and others in the comments.

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