Link_vs._Dead_HandRecently, I published an editorial of the Best Under-Used Items Of The Zelda Franchise.  Previously, I had mentioned Dead Hand, being one of the scariest Zelda bosses of all time. I had also mentioned I would talk more about that subject at a later date. Well, today is that day. We’re going to take a look at some of the scariest Bosses/Events in the Zelda Franchise, and we’ll take a minute to appreciate the darker side of the series.


The Legend of Zelda has always has always been very bright and adventurous. However, the series has it’s moments in the dark side. We’re going to talk more about what the series has to offer from the darker side of things.


Death Sword (Twilight Princess)

Death Sword is the Mini-Boss lurking in Arbiter’s Grounds. When you find him, he appears as nothing but a sword bound by ropes in an ominous room. When cutting said ropes, it awakens the blade and its evil magic, and the blade begins to move on its own. When transformed into Wolf Link, using your senses will reveal his true form- and it is not a pretty sight. He has a figure slightly resembling a Poe, but definitely an elder Poe- Almost like a Grim Reaper. His appearance is that of a skeleton, and has large horns He’s an intimidating foe, and not something you’d like to see in person. To defeat him, you must act as both Human Link and Wolf Link, varying between the two mid-battle. He’s a fun Mini-Boss at that, but definitely one of the freakiest.



Alien Invasion (Majora’s Mask)

In Majora’s Mask, there’s an event that acts similar to an Alien invasion on Romani Ranch. When speaking to Romani on the First Day, she states that strange spirits come to Romani Ranch at night, every year as the Carnival of Time approaches. If you decide to stick around until 2:00 AM, you’ll get a– let’s just say ‘Unexpected Side-Quest’. You will see large light figures in the sky, as their invasion begins. It’s your job to fend off the invasion and protect the ranch. The invasion consists of Ghosts, otherwise known as ‘Aliens’. They share major similarities to Poes, excluding the large beams of light shooting from their eyes, like flashlights. Fending them off is relatively easy, as they only take one shot with an arrow to defeat. You must survive the onslaught It’s the suspense that’s scary. If you successfully manage to fend them off until 5:15 AM, they will burn up in the morning sunlight, and you will have succeeded in completing the side-quest. However, if you fail on fending them off, Romani, and all the cows, will be abducted. Leaving Cremia (Romani’s Sister) behind. On the Second Day, the Ghosts return Romani. Although, with some side-effects. It seems her memories are completely wiped, and her personality goes into a dull-depressed state. She remains this way until you play the Song of Time, and go back to the First Day. And if that doesn’t seem disturbing to you- even the slightest, I don’t know what will.



Blizzeta Encounter (Twilight Princess)

The Boss Encounter in Snowpeak Ruins is surely one many cannot forget; whether they mean to or not. After a long period of time trying to find the correct key in the dungeon, you finally locate the correct area, and once you collect it, Yeta (The Yeti Wife) offers to help you. After following Yeta into the bedroom, to which the Twilight Mirror Shard is located, you get, yet another, “Unexpected Surprise”. She begins to look deeply into the mirror, as she speaks, she progressively gets more and more aggravated. Until she finally snaps, leaving you with an excellent jumpscare you wouldn’t have expected. The boss fight is definitely one to remember, but the encounter in which she is introduced as the dungeon’s boss is the most memorable.




Dead Hand (Ocarina of Time)

Dead Hand might possibly be the most terrifying boss in the Zelda Franchise. You first encounter him in the Bottom of the Well, as Young Link. When searching for the Lens of Truth, you enter a room at the end of the well, with six hands sticking out of the ground. Nothing actually occurs- until you walk up to one. From there, the hand will grab you, keeping you in place, as Dead Hand appears out of the ground. His appearance is one to be feared, as it seems he’s nothing but a white creature, covered in ‘blood’. When constricted, he will attempt to bite you, to which you must break out of the bloody hand’s grasp as quickly as possible, and attack Dead Hand in his spot. From there, Dead Hand will go back into the ground, to which you must either be constricted by yet another hand. Once defeated, you gain the Lens of Truth. Later on, you encounter him yet again as Adult Link in the Shadow Temple. Although, you have a new strategy- the Lens of Truth. You can use it to see his shadow on the ground, to which you can bomb it to expose him, and thus leaving him defenseless. Although he isn’t too hard to defeat as either Young Link or Adult Link, he’s an intimidating, terrifying foe to be reckoned with. And will always be remembered as one of the scariest Zelda bosses of all time (Although, you can make him less scary by dressing him up as a chef!).


Silent Realm (Skyward Sword)

During Skyward Sword’s Storyline, you will have to complete a series of trials known as ‘The Silent Realm’. And let me tell you; These trials are the scariest things I’ve ever experienced in a Zelda title. The Silent Realm is a series of numerous trials forced upon the Goddess, that consist in finding Sacred Tears in order to complete a Spirit Vessel, whilst not awakening ‘The Guardians’. If by any chance a guardian attacks you, and you’re hit, it’s immediately back to the start of the trial, with any Sacred Tears you had, gone. If you can manage to reset the timer while the Guardians chase you, they’ll all return to their original spots/positions in a flash, and the timer will count down once again. When beginning a trial, you enter the Silent Realm with no Weapons/Items in hand. When you begin, the timer immediately starts counting, and the guardians awaken. You must quickly acquire the Sacred Tear in front of you to reset the timer. Overall, this trial consists in getting all the Sacred Tears, completing the Spirit Vessel, and getting back to the start. All while avoiding any possibility of awakening the guardians. The scary part about this trial is the suspense. From watching the timer tick, to being chased down by Guardians, whilst trying to reset the timer, these trials deliver a suspense that makes your heart pump faster than you can think of what your final words will be.




What do you think? Do you agree with this list? If you don’t, why not share some of your stories? We’d love to hear your opinions! I know there’s a specific part in the Ancient Cistern that’s definitely up for discussing… Let me know your scariest moment in the Zelda Franchise in the comments below!

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