Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

With all the terrible pre-order news that has been circling around, perhaps the thought of Majora’a Mask 3D‘s ever-closer release will cheer us all up. Japanese magazine Famitsu recently published a preview of the game, showcasing gameplay screens and highlights of new features. Among them are glimpses of the game’s new fishing mini-games and the Bomber’s Notebook.

We do not currently have translations of the preview’s content, but the images show off a few of the game’s new features. In the scans we can see both of Majora’s Mask 3D‘s fishing ponds, including an image of Zora Link fishing. There is also an image of Link receiving a fishing pond pass, a new item in the game. We also get some more looks at the new Bomber’s Notebook and how it affects the in-game map. Did you notice the little flag signaling an objective?

I was also happy to see half a page devoted to the characters from the Couple’s Mask sidequest. Remembering Anju, Kafei, and Madame Aroma helps to temper my excitement for the game.

…Okay, maybe I wasn’t as thrilled to see Madame Aroma.

What else do you see in these screens? Let us know.

Source: Famitsu via NintendoEverything

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