The most recent issue of Famitsu features a column in which Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai talks about the fourth installment in the franchise. While we all have many questions regarding the game, Sakurai discusses but a few. From the selection of enemies for the new Smash Run mode to the exclusion of fan favorite characters such as Roy and Mewtwo, we now have more insight into the development of these long-awaited titles.

First, Sakurai discusses Smash Run. In regards to enemies, there were many ideas that had to be considered for inclusion purposes. These are as follows:

– serves well as a general enemy

– light processing of movement on 3DS (comes down to the system’s hardware)

– it is possible to create uniqueness for that enemy

– maintaining balance between big or small, weak or strong enemies

– reduction of the relative workload that is required

– comes from a series that is possible to choose

Sakurai continues by saying that there are many enemies from Kid Icarus: Uprising because they already had character models made specifically for 3DS.

Additionally, when it comes down to including fighters in the roster, many of us were disappointed when fan favorite Mewtwo didn’t make the cut. Sakurai explained that in order to save development time, the staff brings over character data from previous installments. In order to do this with Mewtwo, the data would have to be migrated from Super Smash Bros. Melee, and according to Sakurai, it’s too difficult to do so given the age of Melee.

Source: Gamnesia

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