Sakurai continues to talk weekly to Famitsu about Super Smash Bros. This time around it’s about why the 3DS version came out before the Wii U edition, along with some brief tidbits about Final Smash changes and 3DS stage decision they had to make due to hardware limitations. It’s some interesting insight into the development behind both versions of the game. He also seems to confirm that the Wii U version of the game is going to have a lot more game play modes than the 3DS version.

“What was the reason to make the Nintendo 3DS [version of Smash Bros.] before the Wii U [version]?

Compared to the 3DS [version], the Wii U [version] is larger in scale and also has many modes so the production takes time. It is that simple.

There are fighters that got their Final Smashes changed and fighters that didn’t; what is the reason for this?

It differs depending on the case. Lucario[‘s final smash changed] because Mega Evolution was introduced in the latest installment [of Pokemon]. Pit because Palutena turned into a fighter. Moves, too, were modified due to balancing and elements of the new game were factored in.

Are there any interesting things in pictures from during the development?

There are many… The Flying Men of 3DS stage Magicant are expressed as pixel sprites, but actually a 3D model was also produced. A pixel sprite was chosen since it has lower strain [on hardware].”

Source: Nintendo Everything

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