Earlier today we reported on a Twitter update from Jonathan Ross, the guy who’s going to be hosting the 3DS event in Amsterdam this Wednesday, suggesting that there’s a new Metroid game in the works for 3DS. Well, Mr. “Wossy” couldn’t really comment on any details regarding Metroid 3DS, except to say…

that that wasn’t what he meant to suggest at all. Read and weep:

@Wossy You started a lot of 3DS rumours! You meant @__________ will be pleased about general surprises not about a Metroid 3DS didn’t you?

@______ yes. Why? Did he think I meant new Meteoid? (sic)

Looks like we’ve got another case of faulty context. Still, what were people supposed to think when a comment about a possible Metroid title was followed up with something so positive?


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