Wii 2 Concept Controller

Develop is claiming that a person close to the matter of Project Café has fed them some details. That is why I am treating this as simply a rumor, but akin to the other rumors on the Wii’s successor, this could very well turn out to be true.

Develop’s sources support that the controller has a 6-inch touch screen, and potentially a stylus, as well as front-facing camera and the usual face buttons. They suggest that the 3DS can be used as a replacement controller, and that the controller almost sounds like a 3DS itself. HD capabilities are also confirmed from this “source”, and they speculate that stereoscopic 3D will be compatible – but hey, it was on the GameCube too. More inside.

The [controllers] functions are the same [as the 3DS]. It is a standard wireless controller added with a front-facing camera and touch screen. That sounds far too much like a 3DS to me. But I can’t confirm this, Nintendo is being very cautious about the details.

Source: Develop

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