Ocarina of Time 3DS

While rumors are always swirling around, it’s been awhile since we heard any involving Zelda. According to a Gamestop employee, there will be a version of the 3DS that is bundled with “some sort of Zelda title”. Being that Ocarina of Time is the only Zelda title announced for the 3DS, it is safe to say that Ocarina of Time is the “zelda” game he is referencing. Where did the employee get this information? At this point no one knows, but it’s safe to say the information most likely came from their computer system, where it is starting to list all the bundles and such for preorder (yes, you can preorder the 3DS right now folks). While anything heard from Gamestop is always to be taken with a heavy dose of salt, wouldn’t it be grand if you could get Ocarina of Time WITH the 3DS? Talk about a launch title!

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