Zelda 25th Anniversary Colorful

We all know that Mario got a sweet deal for his 25th anniversary. But what comes to Zelda fans this year for their favorite franchise’s 25th? Nothing, as of yet. Iwata said that Miyamoto was working on something for the 25th anniversary of his franchise in March, but nothing since.

Earlier, Famitsu held a live-stream with Eiji Aonuma to preview the upcoming Ocarina of Time 3D. While most of their time was spent talking about the game, Aonuma also let slip that Zelda’s 25th Anniversary plans are set to take the stage at E3 2011.

Now, it’s time for speculation as to what it could be. A compilation of games, similar to Mario? A Zelda-themed 3DS? Something Cafe-related? Who knows. Just something else to get you hyped for E3 2011.

UPDATE: French source P-Nintendo seems to be under the impression that Aonuma let slip that some unannounced Zelda title is slated to appear at E3. Whether it’s another remake, a compilation, or a totally new game isn’t yet known.

Source: NeoGAF(via Nintendo Everything), P-Nintendo (via GoNintendo)

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