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Possible Leaked Skyward Sword Music by Zelda Informer

So, as we get closer to E3 the “supposed” leaks will always trickle in, and this time it appears someone nabbed what is a recording of what is about 30 seconds or so of Skyward Sword music. The music is definitely Zelda, and it’s got a pretty solid sound that could easily resemble a real orchestra, but it’s hard to tell. It definitely sounds nice enough, and could make a great Hyrule Field type theme, since that is clearly what it’s built off of.

Is it real? Is it fake? Is it from a pre E3 warmup for the Skyward Sword trailer/demo? Who knows, but it’s definitely food for thought. Where did this come from? Who knows, but it was pointed out to us by a fellow forum member. Yeah, who the heck knows where this came from. All I know is I like it. Heck, to cover my bases, it may be a clip of the orchestra piece from Ocarina of Time 3D? I should be able to confirm or deny this soon enough.

UPDATE: The hunt for a source reveals that this apparently originated on 4chan, which makes it extremely questionable. Our source on our forums says that he was told by a Facebook friend.

UPDATE 2: This is what the piece sounds like backwards, and no, there’s no hidden music.

Source: MegaUpload (via Zelda Informer Forums)

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