A user at Nintendo 3DS Blog reports that GameStop has added the Nintendo 3DS to its preorder database, along with a handful of launch titles and accessories. The source indicates that preorders will be available starting September 29th, coinciding with the scheduled official announcement for the 3DS’s launch date and price. Furthermore – and this is the part we’re excited about – the report also includes the suggested ship date: November 22.

Previous rumors and information have pointed to a November 20th release, which would fall on a Saturday. With many postal services closed on weekends, that would place delivery dates on the 22nd.

While official information from GameStop is currently unavailable (and the rumor thus unconfirmed), this would coincide with two other important dates in Nintendo history: the 6th and 12th anniversaries of the North American releases of the original DS and Ocarina of Time, respectively. Could this mean that we’ll see Ocarina of Time 3D later this year?

We of course can’t commit to a confirmed release date until the official reveal on the 29th, but in the meantime, what do you think? Is this just a rumor, mere guesswork based on more GameStop nonsense and shoddy speculative reporting, or is it the real deal? Will Ocarina of Time 3D be a launch title or will Nintendo hold it back until the release of Skyward Sword next year? Let us know – leave a comment!

Source: Nintendo 3DS Blog

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