This rumor is arguably one of the most interesting ones I have seen

for any pre-E3 hype to date. Rumors run rampant all the time, but the

nature of this one is slightly different. One of our Senior Community Moderators

on the Zelda Informer Forums has a friend who sent him the 1st Party

Press Conference official E3 2014 listing manifesto, which includes what

is being shown in the press conferences and what will be playable on

the show floor.

There is a lot of interesting stuff, but the biggest ones that pertain to us would be the supposed name of Zelda U: The Legend of Zelda: Shard of Nightmare. The fact it will be playable on the show floor is a huge bonus. What could this mean?

The name itself, assuming there is no typo, could imply that Nightmare is a person, rather than a place. Hence what appears to be improper English at first glance. It could also imply the game has a slightly darker tone, more akin to Twilight Princess or Ocarina of Time. The fact it is playable and has an official subtitle could also suggest the game is coming out sooner rather than later. It also helps much of the rumors line up with previous stuff when it comes to the other consoles as well.

As always take any rumor, including this one, with a grain of salt.

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