skyward swordEveryone knows that Nintendo isn’t exactly an open book when it comes to their plans and business schedules, but there are a few things that LiveWii, a French Nintendo site, has gathered from their recent activities. The most notable of these is a pattern of releasing one major Wii game per month (in Europe). Starting in October we’ve seen Wii Party, Fling Smash and Donkey Kong Country Returns (that one’s on my x-mas wishlist). Scheduled for January is Mario Sports Mix and Kirby’s Epic Yarn will be released in February. What could Nintendo possibly have scheduled for March? Well, we (the collective Zelda community) hope we will see Skyward Sword! If this pattern continues, then there’s a good chance we can see Skyward Sword early next year instead of the next Holiday Season.

This pattern doesn’t hold up as well for Japan or North America, but the release schedules for Europe do seem to be a bit more planned out then most. In some instances Europe sees the first release like they did with the Wii Remote Plus, but other times won’t see a release until months later as with Kirby’s Epic Yarn which will arrive in Europe a full 4 months later than it did in North America and Japan.

Either way, let’s hope for the new game to be finished sooner rather than later. Let us know when you think we’ll finally see Skyward Sword.

Source: GoNintendo

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