The rumor mill for what’s to come in both Nintendo’s and Zelda’s future has been going crazy ever since we started this year. We here at Zelda Informer would like to reiterate that we take all Zelda rumor speculation that lands on our news desk with a grain of salt. As much as we would love to believe all of the Zelda rumors we’ve been hearing recently to be true, not all of it is going to be unfortunately. Today’s rumors has some gamers confirming certain speculations on upcoming Nintendo announcements that we’ve been hearing about for a while now.

These new rumors come to us today from a loyal source of GoNintendo, a gaming website dedicated to Nintendo news. Their source, a YouTuber named SuperMetaldave64 who, according to a “direct source from inside Nintendo” says that Nintendo’s next-gen console, the NX, will be launching by the end of this year. He goes on to say that Zelda NX will be released on or around the launch window for Nintendo’s new console. No other news was given to SMD64 at this time, but more will be given to him later according to his inside source.

These two rumors just reconfirm some items regarding Nintendo we’ve been predicting for quite a while now. The Nintendo NX seems like a definite must for the late 2016-early 2017 release window as this year’s Wii U lineup is definitely lacking in quantity. As for Zelda NX, it seems like they’ve been planning to pull a “Twilight Princess” for a while now since the Wii U versions delay confirmation about a year ago. I see it being a natural thing considering that like with the original release of Twilight Princess, Nintendo wants to satisfy those who aren’t ready just yet to jump on over to the NX bandwagon.

What do you think of these rumors? Do either of them reconfirm your speculation for Nintendo’s next-gen console launch? Let us know in the comments below!

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