Nintendodomination, a popular European based YouTube channel, has heard rumblings from an unnamed source that the New Nintendo 3DS will be release in Europe at sometime during February 2015. This really comes as no surprise since they have been selling an exclusive ambassador’s edition the last week or so. Clearly it is going to be released sooner rather than later for everyone else. What is more interesting is that there will be two New Nintendo 3DS bundles – one with Monster Hunter 4 and the other with Majora’s Mask 3D. They will only be bundled with the normal New Nintendo 3DS, presumably to take advantage of the changeable faceplates (aka, it will come with some exclusive plates).

This is interesting, since it was assumed the New Nintendo 3DS XL didn’t have faceplates so they could continue to create limited edition versions. Either way, if the bundle part of this rumor is true it tells us two things. First, Europeans have reason to order the game twice. Secondly, that Majora’s Mask 3D is likely arriving sooner than expected, with a February or March launch.

This is all exciting stuff for sure, so it will be interesting to see what if anything is also announced for the United States. As always, this is a rumor, but we’ll be keeping our nose to the grindstone watching out for the next Nintendo Direct, which will assuredly shed light on all of this rather soon. Nintendodomination has a history only being a source for rumors that tend to carry some weight and honestly nothing they report seems to be too far fetched to not be believable.

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