Liam Robertson, an individual known for digging up gaming news, his affiliation with Did You Know Gaming, as well as information on cancelled titles, has tweeted out some very interesting NX tidbits today. Robertson claims Electronic Arts (EA) has been in possession of NX developer kits for some time, and is meeting with Nintendo in March to talk business. This report has been backed by Nintendo Life, and would make sense seeing that another rumor states NX dev kits are in fact out there.

Here’s all the details:

  • This information comes from multiple staff members of EA.
  • EA is supposedly one of the first companies to be given an NX dev kit.
  • Nintendo feels EA is an ally in making their next console a success.
  • Meetings between Nintendo and EA will deal with EA Sports supporting Nintendo in the near future.
  • EA wants to know how Nintendo will grow a large sports fanbase with the NX, as the lack of a sports fanbase is why EA abandoned the Wii U.
  • EA would like Nintendo to spend more on advertising during TV sports events (NFL, MLB, NBA, World Series, and World Cup games).
  • EA brings up the fact that Microsoft and Sony spend large amounts on advertising during events like these, and EA’s titles take the spotlight in those commercials.
  • Sources say Nintendo not bundling EA games with consoles as “an insult,” as both Sony and Microsoft are involved with EA bundles.
  • In a December meeting with Nintendo and EA executives, an EA exec “criticized the Wii U for not having entertainment apps for MLB.TV, NBA, WWE Network, NHL Gamecenter Live, and the NFL.”
  • EA believes the PS4’s success among sports fans is because of such apps.
  • EA wants the NX to offer similar apps and functionality.

Regardless of whether you are a sports fan, would EA games on the NX be beneficial to Nintendo? Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: Liam Robertson, Nintendo Life

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