Are you someone that wasn’t a huge fan of the English voice acting seen in this trailer for Breath of the Wild? Did you enjoy the Japanese voice acting better? Maybe you’re someone that just always prefers Japanese voice acting with English subtitles as a general rule (yes, a lot of people exist that are like that, just ask any hardcore anime fan). We potentially have good news for you that should bring a smile to your face.

@Blood_Link on twitter claims that a Nintendo rep at one of the press events for Nintendo Switch in France told them that there will be dual audio voice options in the game. As in, you can choose your local language for voice acting, or switch it over to the Japanese voice acting. They stated this would be true for all versions of Breath of the Wild. Thus, if you aren’t a fan of the English voice acting and prefer Japanese, you can make that be your experience.

Voice acting wise, this is a situation where nearly everyone wins. However, one thing isn’t clear yet that prevents this from be a 100% win for all prospective Breath of the Wild owners – we aren’t sure if voice acting can be completely disabled. While that would not be the most popular option, adding it in would likely satisfy a few Zelda purists who prefer there to never be voice acting in the first place.

Either way, this is a rumor for now as we can’t verify that the rep 100% said this and it wasn’t stated to any of our contacts that we trust. However, it would definitely be a positive step forward and something Nintendo can easily do if they want too.

Source: NeoGAF

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