Back at it yet again with another amazing piece of musical art, Rozen collaborates with singer/songwriter Jose Madrid to create an experimental track that hits all the right notes. As opposed to a traditional Rozen composition, the addition of Madrid allows this song to take on a new life, previously unheard of by the titular composer. The duo take on a rarely-heard-of remix genre, performing a vocal ballad to a tune inspired by Saria’s Song. Here is the press release for the song:

Los Angeles, CA – G.A.N.G. Award Nominee composer/arranger Rozen and singer/songwriter Jose Madrid embark on a journey inside the heart of Link, the Hero of Time, in this special collaboration that expands on the familiar story from Ocarina of Time through the use of meticulous songwriting, meaningful lyrics and lustrous orchestrations that the duo is well known for .

“Saria’s Elegy”, a single written by Madrid and arranged by Rozen, considers the thoughts of a recently unfrozen Hero of Time, who rushes back to the woods shortly after discovering the truth about his age, in hopes of finding her childhood friend, Saria. Will she remember him after all this years? Let the vocals of Madrid hypnotize you with this ballad. Original Artwork by akayashi (

I personally enjoy this take on the song. I am a huge fan of ballads and lyrical adaptations of video game music. I love seeing different artists’ interpretations of video game songs, and this is no different. The vocals and the musical instruments flow perfectly to create a truly emotional track.

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