“In the land of Hyrule, there are many legends. However, none of them… are about these guys.” So says J. Derek Howard who is the writer and the director of an all new

Zelda web series that is avidly looking for funding.

The series, unlike most, does not focus on our hero clad in green but instead on the guards and the everyday people you don’t see much of in the series. The Comedy/Adventure is based on

Ocarina of Time to start with and each season will explore a new game and different versions of our main cast.

The main plot focuses on the lives of two guards, Phil and Gary, who are your everyday gate guards until our hero in green slips past them unnoticed. Now their jobs may be at risk, and a rookie, Rina, might be the one to replace them. This and more comedy antics promise to deliver many laughs and some familiar tropes and fluff to stories we all know and love.

Writer and Director J. Derek Howard is the founder of Noble Knight Media, which is a small production company that has been producing high quality media-based stories since 2013. He has teamed up with open world artist Jessica Smith to draw up a concept for a series (available in the gallery below), that is sure to “wow” us in terms of graphics, acting, and set design.

The Indiegogo Campaign is offering amazing perks for funding, everything from a “Thank You” on their

Facebook Page, to a digital copy of Season 1, to a custom made treasure chest packed with goodies! Funding the project is the only way to get your hands on a print of the incredible poster done by Jessica (seen in the gallery below). Check it out for yourself here and help spread the word to get this series skyward.

Source: Indiegogo

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