Despite the connections that The Legend of Zelda has with classical music, a variety of musicians have built a successful metal / hard rock subculture around the music of the Zelda series. Though these genres are not what some fans would consider traditional for the franchise, several talented musicians have proven that Zelda songs can sound just as epic in a heavier style.

This metal cover of Molgera’s boss theme by Jonny Atma, also known as GaMetal, is a great example of how to utilize a variety of instruments within a metal arrangement. Unlike some songs that open with a heavy guitar riff, this piece opens with an acoustic guitar that closely resembles the sounds presented in the original theme from The Wind Waker‘s soundtrack. The arrangement also makes use of a synthesizer and drums to create a rich wall of sound. Some listeners may forget the video is a metal cover in its opening minute, but by the time that the booming electric guitar enters the song, they’ll definitely want to start banging their heads.

This arrangement gives off tremendous energy throughout, with a frenetic tempo and a booming guitar. If you need to pump yourself up, turn this one on! And if you want to hear more hard hitting metal covers, check out  Jonny Atma on YouTube.

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