“Hyrule Field” is one of the most iconic tracks from the large soundtrack of Twilight Princess. It’s full of nostalgia, it fills the player with a sense of adventure, and can transport us to one of the most memorable versions of Hyrule that we’ve seen. From riding horseback across some of the massively open areas, to racing through the narrow canyons, its music is one of the reasons it stands out so much.

Over on YouTube, Gerry Trevino recently uploaded his metal guitar cover of the Hyrule Field theme while rocking a Princess Zelda getup. Using a few different electric guitars, the music serves as a killer soundtrack to rock out to. It’s easy to imagine the edgier style of Link hacking and slashing his way through baddies with this tune jamming in the background.

I personally love the slow down at the very end of this song. The song spends almost three and a half minutes rocking out, then ends in a way that reminds me of the feeling that I got playing Twilight Princess. It’s sort of daunting, epic, and intense, then you find a sudden moment of peace amid the darkness that looms over the whole experience.

What did you think about this cover of “Hyrule Field”? Was it one that you’d put on while traversing a version of that area? Let us know in the comments below or chat about it over in our Discord!

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