Zelda inspires a lot of us, working its way into all manner of modern media, bringing rise to all kinds of art, fan games and music. French Rap Metal band SMASH HIT COMBO has a long history of honoring the games they’ve played that inspire them. In their latest video for their song “Falls Apart,” SMASH HIT COMBO weaves an entirely epic tale, meshing imagery from Ocarina of Time with Majora’s Mask, and just a dash of Alice in Wonderland for good measure.

With an opening that honors Zelda‘s iconography, we see someone don the role of Link as they wander the land under the threat of an ever familiar moon, battle shambling ReDeads, and even suffer Skullkid’s Deku Scrub Curse — all to the band’s latest Djent-styled anthem. The video holds many awesome scenes; the attention to detail is impressive and it’s easy to see the love the band shares for the series we all adore.

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What do you think of the video? What do you think of the track? How much do you want these masks? Let us know in the comments below!



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