The Lost Woods from Ocarina of Time served as a great challenge to those with a listening ear. The music is especially memorable, as the player chases the sound of it to meet with Saria, and later returns through the same path to enter the Forest Temple. The theme is also often remixed into various genres, and FalkKonE over on YouTube has recently remixed it into a symphonic metal rendition. It keeps the classic melody from the game and adds some power behind the high energy the song is known for.

I’ve been a fan of FalkKonE for a little over a year now, and his diversity is wonderful. I started following him after hearing a few Monster Hunter arrangements and was further drawn in when I saw that he had tackled Touhou music as well. The energy of his remixes always pumps me up, and I’ve found it particularly great for working out. This remix is just another awesome track, as I’ve come to expect.

What do you think of the track? Let us know down below!

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