One of the most popular tracks in the Zelda series (as proven by our ongoing March Madness brackets) is A Link to the Past‘s Dark World Theme, which plays in the distorted Sacred Realm. The theme is instantly recognizable, and for many is a strong reminder of their time playing this game.

Youtube Musician Huskybythegeek has enhanced this track in his metal cover, by using an array of electric guitars and an added percussion line. With this harsher instrumentation, the theme comes to life and really brings the adventurous nature of the parallel world to light (pun not intended). There are also two snippets of Ocarina of Time tracks hidden in the cover; can you spot them?

Among Huskybythegeek’s other works is a rock cover of Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker), a cover of Xenoblade Chronicle 2‘s Battle Theme (which doesn’t sound far off the original version), and an epic cover of The Legend of Zelda Theme in 10 different styles! Want to see more of his work? Check out his Youtube Channel here.

What do you think of the Dark World cover? Does it bring back fond memories of A Link to the Past? Let us know in the comments below!

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