The Groose is loose with this awesome rock style cover of Groose’s theme by YouTuber Shady Cicada. This cover takes Groose’s bumbling theme music from Skyward Sword and gives it enough edge to make you put this in your list of favorites. He chose to do Groose’s theme because Skyward Sword is one of his favorite Zelda games, with a special appreciation for the orchestrated music of the game. He does an awesome job of paying tribute to such a small, but memorable, theme from the game.

Based in Canada, Shady Cicada is a composer that focuses mainly on creating rock covers and original music. He also has several tutorial videos if you’re interested in learning how to shred like he does. You can check out his Patreon by clicking here. Click through the video to his channel to check out more of his awesome game music covers and click the subscribe button to keep up to date on more videos.

Shady Cicada has also done several other Zelda themed rock covers along with many more from various games such as Undertale, Fire Emblem, and the Mario series. Do you think this cover did Groose’s theme justice? Let us know in the comments!