Rock Cookie Bottom Zelda Song

Awhile back at the site I posted a video of Jonathon Mann singing a Legend of Zelda song. For those who don’t know, Jonathon Mann is the founder of the Rock Cookie Bottom in which he writes a song and posts it online everyday. Some songs have to do with Love or Politics, but he occasionally brings out the video game fan in him. In fact, prior to this project, he had his own video blog by the name of Game Jew.

He recently re-released the Zelda song, this time in acoustic form. It’s still amazing but one thing I found to be rather cool. Is while he edited the video, the clips from the game are from chapter 1 of the the Zelda Dungeon video walkthrough for the original Legend of Zelda. It was great to see one of my favorite youtubers use my own video in his song. How awesome is that! It’s a great song and you should definitely take a listen.

Jump inside to view the embedded video.

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