Ocarina of Time Title Screen

If you like articles that are short, to the point, interesting and lacking in any real controversial opinions; then please, read on…

Carl from RoboAwesome, a video game news and review site, posted an article yesterday called “Revolutionizing a Genre”. According to Carl, the progression to the third-dimension of video gaming was not an easy one, but it was really thanks to games such as Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 that it happened. Hey, I really agree there. He goes on to talk about how Ocarina of Time also revolutionized gaming with camera angles and the z-targeting lock on system.

Furthermore, Carl says that with the upcoming release of Zelda Wii, it is now time for Nintendo to reinvent the action-adventure genre through the Zelda series once again using motion controls. The potential uses of Motion Plus are mentioned, and once again, I can’t help but agree. I’m starting to like this guy! Anyway, one thing he does mention that I haven’t in my illustrious Zelda writing career is the benefits Zelda Wii would reap if the Vitality Sensor was incorporated. Nice idea, but will it really happen? Have a read and judge for yourself.

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