An end-credits sequence without great music is akin to watching a Rocky montage without Eye of the Tiger — it simply doesn’t work. After hours of delving into dungeons and swinging your mighty blade, the end credits are what seal your victory. They’re a pat on the back, congratulating you on a job well done.

You probably haven’t given much thought to your favorite piece of end-credits music. But that’s about to change. Simon Loveridge’s power ballad rendition of A Link to the Past‘s end sequence is here to grip your heart and to remind you of one of the best Zelda end-scores. And, as Loveridge meticulously plays each refrain, you may just find yourself wiping away a single tear, remembering your journey through a war-torn and fractured Hyrule, reminiscing on your cute little bunny toes and that awesome pink hair.

I admit, I don’t always sit through or pay attention to the end credits. More often than not, I wander off to get a victory snack or message my friends. I typically only pay attention towards the end, just to see if there’s anything cool after the credits finish. Loveridge’s performance inspired me to go careening down a rabbit hole, re-listening to end themes for other games.

How about you? Do you dutifully sit through each end-credit sequence or are you lured away by end-game snacks? What do you think of Loveridge’s rendition? Let us know in the comments!

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