Continuing the flow of news from yesterday’s “50-Fact Extravaganza”, some of the returning game modes are getting a nice boost this time around. The newest entry in the Super Smash series is all about bigger brawls with more people. Target Blast, Event Matches, and Special Brawls are all back and better than ever. One of the complaints that I had with Smash Bros for 3DS was that there was a lack of options to make fights more than just a quick match, so the return of the Special Brawls and Tournament Mode is a “welcome” I meet with open arms.

Combining Home-Run Contest with Target Smash,

Target Blast introduced a new way to “break the targets”. The mode is set up much like it’s 3DS predecessor, with a few big twists. To start, there are three stages in the Wii U version compared to the single 3DS stage. The stages vary in obstacles, but the concept remains the same. Another change is that the second bomb is bigger, allowing for more destruction after half of the board is already clear as a result of the first bomb. Also, your score in Target Blast affects your Global Smash Power rating. So, if you want to be ranked even higher, now is the time to start practicing this mode before the Wii U version is released.

Speaking of Target Smash, there has been an update to all Stadium Mode entries in the form of

multiplayer. All Stadium Mode events now allow players to either duke it out together in Multi-Man Smash or compete for the highest score.

Also making a return are

Event Matches. This was by far my favorite mode in previous Smash titles. This time, players will be completing events to unlock a branching path of events for the player to take. A separate path is also available as a multiplayer exclusive version of Event Matches, giving you the chance to work as a team to complete some of the hardest achievements in the game.

Finally, we also have confirmation that

Special Smash is returning. This mode exemplifies what makes Super Smash Bros a unique fighting experience. Many of the customization options have returned with the introduction of some new alterations, as well as some new customizations based on the new items. This mode makes for a great party game and continues to show just how chaotic Smash can be.

Are you excited about

Super Smash Bros for Wii U? What game modes are you pumped for and which do you think the game can do without? If you have any disagreements, I suggest you friend code it and “settle it in Smash”. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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