Returners Zelda Marathon

EDIT: It has been over 40 hours and The Returners have made it through 4 Legend of Zelda titles, including The Minish Cap, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Link’s Awakening. They are currently are tackling the original Legend of Zelda.

Just one week after The Speed Gamers held their 72+ hour marathon, another group of gamers, known as The Returners, is hosting their own Zelda marathon. They are a much smaller, lesser known group and are doing things in a relatively similar fashion as The Speed Gamers.

One thing that I find interesting about The Returners, is that they are all live in one location, which I think adds to the feel of the marathon. They are playing through the games in a different order, corresponding to a view of the Zelda Timeline that some users accept. Likewise, they started with The Minish Cap, and are going to continue with Ocarina of Time. It is unlikely that The Returners will make it through the entire series in the 72hour period, and their current goal is to play through 11 games (no Phantom Hourglass), but if you are interested in watching some live Zelda action, along with some fun commentary, be sure to check them out.

Click here to watch The Returners.

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