The soothing sounds of the Fairy Fountain have been restoring the hearts of heroes for years. “Fairy Fountain” has become an iconic song in the hearts of many Zelda fans, and this new remix is sure to bring out all of the nostalgia.

This heart-restoring remix by Chuck None and the folks at GameChops puts a fun spin on a classic. The remix is reminiscent of the original, but brings in a lot of new twists that make it so original and fun, including Navi’s iconic “Hey”, “Hello”, and “Watch Out!” toward the final minute of the song. The song has a fun dance floor vibe that mixes iconic and modern for a jam that can be played over and over again! The fun beats that build up and drop make me ready to adventure out into the unknown!

This “Fairy Fountain” remix, I feel, would be worthy of a Cadence of Hyrule sequel. It’s just that good! What do you think of this remix? Sound off in the comments below.

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