Much like herpes, your save data is forever.In a move that screams “We don’t like it when you buy pre-owned copies of our games!” Capcom has decided that your Resident Evil: The Mercenaries save file will never, ever be deleted. This has also resulted in Japanese players only getting a measly 6 bucks back when they trade their copies in, cause really, who wants to play someone else’s save file? PPerhaps the biggest question is “what happens to those players who want to start fresh?”

Answer: You’re screwed.

So let’s just say that Capcom want’s to obliterate their games from used market, what’s in it for them? Ideally more profit, due to forcing players to buy new copies of whatever they decide to put out. However, this little strategy of their’s is a huge slap in the face to gamers who can’t afford the luxury of buying a new game fully priced. Some of you may say 40 bucks isn’t a lot of money, but it is to some people, especially kids who’s parents won’t pay full price for a game, and don’t have a job, cause you know, child labor laws and whatnot. Hell, even adults have a certain budget for how much they can spend on entertainment. I’d rather spend $40 on a used game than $60 on a brand new one, and no, that’s not being cheap, that’s being smart.

What Capcom is really doing is shooting themselves in the foot. Let’s take a look at it this way, Jimmy Everygamer buys used copy of game, and decides he loves it. Oh and look, a sequel is coming out. Jimmy is so excited about it that he decides that he’s not going to wait and end up buying a brand new copy of said new game. (Hell, I bought Mass Effect 2 because I loved my $17 used copy so very, very much.) There you go Capcom, you just made money due to a used game sale.

Now, my children of the internet, what do you think about all this? How do you feel about not being able to get rid of a save file on a game you bought? Are practices like this going to sway you from buying used games? Do you even buy used games? Leave some comments and tell us how you feel.

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