That’s right, folks. The title says it all! Attack of the Fanboy, a gaming news website, has reported that, according to Amazon, Zelda U will have a release date of June 26th. The release date on Amazon has been removed and replaced with the placeholder of December 31st, which is common for websites like Amazon to do before a release date is announced.

Fakery? Error? We won’t know for sure until Nintendo announces the release date for themselves.

Anything is possible, as June 26th is after E3. Nintendo could announce Zelda U‘s release date at E3, to drive up hype for the game and boost the sales of the Wii U. However, many suspect this to be an employee or system mistake. Whatever the case, take it with a grain of salt and hope (if you dare) that we will be getting this open world adventure as soon as June.

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