Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

In the latest entry in our series, Hyrule Compendium, Mases and I were tasked with talking about the villains of the Zelda series. There ended up being more than we could talk about in one video. Part one of our two part mini-series focuses on the reoccurring villains of Zelda. We mostly talk about Ganon, as he is the seminal bad boy of the franchise, but Vaati gets a mention as well. Stay-tuned for next week when we will be discussing all of the fun one-off characters in the series.

What do you think of Ganon/Ganondorf? Have you seen enough of him? What about Vaati? Should Vaati make a return with a more fleshed out story? If you want to check out more of this series or other fun Zelda videos, you can head on over to our Youtube page and subscribe. That way you can know when part two is released!

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