Hey guys! Got a new video discussion and this is a topic I think some of you have been waiting for me to cover. I’ve received the question many times now: “Which would you rather Nintendo remake, A Link to the Past or Majora’s Mask?” I’d been avoiding answering because I’ve been planning this video. This video covers exactly that subject. It’s a detailed list of reasons why. I will not be covering my thoughts on Majora’s Mask 3D much because I already did that here and here, so check those out if you haven’t already. I hope you enjoy the video. You can watch it here or check out the video embed after the jump.

Maintaining my opinion about remakes overall, I don’t actually really want to see either remake made too badly; this video is simply about which I would prefer since it seems inevitable that we’ll get one or the other (although in discussing my reasons why A Link to the Past would be better I did get excited about the prospect, though it could simply be done in a new game as well, which I think would be better). My overall stance on this might not be much of a surprise, but hopefully you’ll find my reasons interesting. You’re free to disagree though.

So what about you? Which would you prefer made, or do you just want both? Do you like the prospect of the remakes at all? Tell me in the comments!

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