The smash logo appears on screen. The pictures fades and then reappears as a battlefield, rainbow road, an arena, a plain. There’s often an element of subtlety until we finally see the one for whom we’ve been waiting: a brand new smash bros character. The character reveal trailers have been a high point of the time leading up to the release of the most recent smash titles, and even though those who own Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS already knew about the “secret” character revealed in today’s Nintendo Direct, it was still quite the enjoyable spectacle. Nintendo seems to agree, as they have added a brand new “movie” mode to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, enabling players to watch their favorite character trailers at their leisure.

I foresee many viewings of the Mega Man and Shulk reveal trailers in my future, although I’ll definitely be giving the others a once over; they all really are quite impressive, and it’s easy to see that much quality work has been put into creating them. Is this mode something you’re looking forward to enjoying in your downtime between 8 player battles? Or will you be too busy attempting to take on Classic Mode with a friend?

Source: Nintendo Direct

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