Elder Scrolls series is nothing short of one of the most well-known and

respected open world action role playing-games that money can buy, and if

you’re like me, you’ve probably put a few hundred hours into more than a few of


Elder Scrolls installments. While the main storyline quests of many

of their titles are rather short by most standards, the amount of side content

and guild quests within the game can keep just about any gamer satisfied for

hours, entering the triple digits. So what do you do when you finally

“finish” the game, it’s downloadable content, and have all the side

quests wrapped up? In most cases, gamers would call it quits and move on, but

if you’re playing on a PC then perhaps that isn’t quite the case. Bethesda is well

known to be more than accommodating to the modding community that has found

itself well established among its series, and

Skyrim has one of the largest to

boot. Like any passionate fans, we can’t let our favorite hero live only within

the constraints of his own game series;

Zelda’s characters, items, locations and

even some of its villains and baddies have quickly found themselves being

pulled into the world of Tamriel thanks to the work of many very dedicated

modders and the main man himself, who ‘goes by the name of


The Fun Stuff

To say JKalenad has gone above and beyond is short-handing his work. This

isn’t just a few small trinkets added into the vast world that is Tamriel but

is actually a massive collection of every

Zelda related mod he has made to

date, now neatly packaged up and ready to install into your very own game. This

collection has a taste of everything in it, ranging from the iconic

Master Sword (found

inside of a pedestal I might add) and

Hylian Shield which are

customizable through a brand new reforging process called the

Terminan Forge and Ancient Enchanter, the Giant’s

Knife and Biggorons’s Sword, or the Megaton

Hammer if you want to add some blunt force trauma to your enemies lives. If

you’re playing as a hunter or assassin, fear not, for he has not forgotten your

play style as well; for range attacks and silent kills you can pick from a

variety of classic weapons such as the classic

Hero’s Bow, Terminan Bow, and


Bow as well. Did I mention that you won’t be stuck using those lowly iron

arrows anymore? Seven Sages.. they’re truly terrible… No my

Zelda loving

friends, JKalenad has included Fire, Ice and Light arrows to add even more

interesting ways of taking down the swarms of Draugr you’ll take on in all of

those caves you get seemingly lost within on a day to day basis.

If you’re more

interested in playing akin to the Hero of Time himself, you may find use in the

vast array of shields that have been added to the world including everyone’s

favorite, the


Shield and all three of its iterations, as well as the Sacred, Divine, and

Goddess shields; most of which can be reforged as well. A

Zelda mod in Skyrim

wouldn’t be complete without its share of Zelda themed clothing and armor, and

so our favorite


tunics have been added and are now available in all of your classic colors

for when you’re not happy with staring at the iconic green look. If that wasn’t

enough, you also have the option of finding new gauntlets in three metal

shades, scout armor, soldier armor’ and a Hylian Glass armor set for when your

stamina just never seems to recover fast enough and you need to take those hits

like it’s nobody’s business.

“These are the relics of

Hyrule, the shards of an age long forgotten, the remnants of a civilization

older than the Dwemer. So old that it was a myth during their time, and little

evidence of the civilization remains. All that remain are artifacts: weapons,

armor, and magic.”

For those of a more mischievous nature and whose


Zelda titles fall within the darker side of the series, there is a


Mask, allowing you to relive your favorite moments of the game but instead

wreaking havoc throughout Tamriel as the Skull Kid himself once did to you in Termina. On

top of all of these options, new locations such as the House of Skulltula,

Rorikstead Secret Grotto, the


Stone Camp and others have been added within the world of Tamriel,

making Hyrule seem as if it had once existed here in ages past, bringing all of

these pieces to life in a setting never before seen.

This barely even skims the surface of what is contained within the ‘Relics

of Hyrule” mod, the sheer amount of content is so vast that he created a

complete list

to explain each and every one, all of which have corresponding video pieces in

order to showcase and help explain where you can find each individually in case

you get lost… like I did many a time myself.

What is most surprising about

this mod isn’t just the size of it, but the way in which all of its contents

have been kept true to the fashion of an

Elder Scrolls game by creating new

lore for each piece allowing a connection between the world of the

Legend of


and the world of the Elder Scrolls. JKalenad explains it best himself,

stating that:

“The Relics of Hyrule also re-imagine and frame the

tragic beauty of Hyrule and Termina in the harsh landscapes of Skyrim and Solstheim.

Instead of just adding items from Zelda, I link them to the world as though

they have always been there.”

Features Not Included

While “Relics of Hyrule” includes a great many

Zelda related

modifications, any die hard fan might quickly realize that there are a number

of features that have been left out and this is in most part by choice of the

author himself, but also due to limitations of the game as well. JKalenad says very clearly that he is more than open to suggestions

for new ideas to create, add, or modify for his collection, but that there are

also some that he would prefer not to delve into. Passion is an important tool

in creative work, especially one as daunting and time consuming as creating

lore friendly material for an entirely separate and enthralling world such as

Tamriel, thus this plays a large part in what he eventually decides to invest

himself in working on. Understandably, even the beautifully crafted Creation Engine which

Skyrim is built upon has its limits and so

certain items are quite impossible to bring to fruition within this world. More

specifically though, this is a brief list of what you will not see included:

  • Quests
  • Dialogue
  • Hookshot/Clawshot/Grappling


  • Ball &


  • Boomerang
  • Any Zelda

    dungeon (fire temple, Great Deku Tree, King JabuJabu’s belly, etc.)

  • Any Zelda

    character (Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Anju, Kafei, Tingle, etc.)

  • Any new

    race (Zora, Goron, Hylian, etc.)

  • Any Zelda


  • Any


    Zelda location (Death Mountain, Lake Hylia, Spirit Temple, the

    surface of Kakariko Village, etc.)

The Technical Babble

So you’ve gotten this far and

obviously the next step it to get your hands on the mod. Now this is where you

may fall into two different categories. If you’ve already used modifications

for the game before, you can skip this and go straight to the Final Thoughts

section, if not then you may want to stick around and read on. As I stated


Skyrim has an extensive modding community and because of this, you are

in luck my friend! Getting started is rather simple, assuming that

Skyrim is

already installed, the first thing you’re going to need to do is register for

an account on the website at

and then download the program called “Nexus Mod

Manager”, the tutorial for which can be found here. Hold up though,

because before you get started you’re also going to need something called the

“Skyrim Script Extender” which can be found through the

SKSE Download here, once you’ve

installed this you’ll be alright to proceed by downloading the


mod. If you’re like me and have the game and the Dawnguard expansion, then

you’ll want the first option while the other two are rather self explanatory;

if you have no downloadable content then you’ll want the third option, and if

you have both

Dawnguard and Dragonborn you’ll want the second. That’s it, once

its installed you can launch the game through either an SKSE shortcut on your

desktop or through Nexus Mod Manager and be on your way to find the Master

Sword (sorry guys and gals, it unfortunately doesn’t shoot a beam)!

Final Thoughts

All in all, considering the amount of extra game

time alone that you’ll get out of searching for each item, this mod is more than

worth its weight. Add in the fact that it’s all

Zelda related and we have a one

heck of an amazing collection added to what is already one of the greatest role playing games available. If you’re like most

Zelda fanatics and are looking for

something to tide you over until we hear about more

Zelda U news or the release


Hyrule Warriors sometime in 2014, then this mod is something you simply have

to try for yourself.

Source: Relics of Hyrule – NexusMods

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