When it comes to Zelda covers, I usually default to orchestral or jazz ensembles. That being said, it’s always great to listen to some of my favorite tracks through a new musical lens. For example, I’ve listened to plenty of classical guitar Zelda covers, but solo bass? That’s a new one!

French composer and sound designer Tomarktus, a.k.a. Djon Schneider, has created a solo bass cover of Breath of the Wild‘s main theme that’s helping me broaden my Zelda cover horizons. While I’m not used to listening to the bass by itself, Tomarktus’ arrangement creates something rich and beautiful I wouldn’t have expected. Every time I listen, I discover another layer of complexity I appreciate about the cover!

This Breath of the Wild main theme cover is the first in a series of covers Tomarktus has titled “Bass of the Wild,” a bass-only tribute project to Breath of the Wild‘s OST. In addition to providing some video game-themed easy listening, Tomarktus also sells sheet music with four-string bass tablature for those who’d like to follow along on their own instruments.

Tomarktus is taking suggestions for the next tracks to include as part of the “Bass of the Wild” project. If you want to see your favorite music from Breath of the Wild covered next, head on over to Tomarktus’ channel and comment under their Breath of the Wild main theme cover video with your suggestions!

Want to see more of Tomarktus? Check them out on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and their website.

What did you think of Tomarktus’ solo bass Breath of the Wild main theme cover? What Breath of the Wild music should they cover next? Let us know down below in those comments; and while you’re at it, go check out Tomarktus and let them know what you think as well!

Source: Tomarktus

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