The Great Hyrule Forest — and, within it, the Lost Woods and the Korok Forest — was one of the most exciting locations in Breath of the Wild. Unlike many of the other areas within the game, where the world is open and accessible to the player, the Great Hyrule Forest was tucked away in the back half of the map, with little to no visible entrances and exits. It’s a location that is shrouded in mystery, where players are unsure of what they will find.

This orchestrated cover by Rebecca E. Tripp, featuring Gamer of the Winds, captures the wonder of exploring the vibrant forest for the first time. In her description, Tripp asserted that exploring the mists and “finding the Korok Forest remains one of my most pleasurable memories from any video game.”

This arrangement includes a variety of beautiful woodwinds, including piccolo, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, and fife, all played by Gamer of the Winds. In addition to the beautiful instrumentation, there is a strong choral component to the song. The song opens with a soft chorus, which adds to the mysterious and mystical tone of the composition. The chorus returns later in the song, harmonizing with the wood winds to create a rich sound.

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