There are many ways that music can transport us to another place and time. Sometimes it’s a song that we hear that reminds of when we were young, and other times it’s just a song that makes us think of happy times. Songs can even put our brains in a state of focus that helps us study. The music from The Legend of Zelda certainly is no stranger to any of these situations. Many of the songs are instantly recognizable and can make us feel like we’re setting out on a grand adventure in an instant.

Ambient Worlds over on YouTube recently put out a great collection of timeless Zelda tracks that are sure to inspire viewers and listeners for some time. The 3 hour loop brings together some of the greatest songs to come out of the series alongside some absolutely stunning visuals from Breath of the Wild’s iteration of Hyrule. This is even more impactful thanks to the ambient sounds of birds and wind that join in.

This peaceful and orchestral mix is so soothing and nostalgic to me that I immediately felt myself smiling and moving my hand to the melody. The beginning with the “Main Theme Medley” from the 25th Anniversary CD that came with Skyward Sword, set to that iconic view from the Great Plateau just got me so amped up. Then as the “Zelda’s Lullaby Orchestral Remix” from RebeccaETripp (originally found here) starts up with the view of Link’s house in Hateno… I just had goosebumps.

What did you think of this mix? Did you appreciate the added sound effects? Did any parts of the mix really get to you? Did you have a favorite location that was shown off? Let us know in the comments below or chat about it over in our Discord!

Source: Ambient Worlds

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