Now, I get that this isn’t our normal news bit, and this sort of posting is usually reserved for times of slow news, but I found it pretty interesting. Sometimes conversations like this, conversations on the direction and the goals of Nintendo, can give subtle hints to the future of the Zelda franchise. I am not really sure there are any hear, but I had to chuckle a bit when Modern Warfare was brought up and Reggie said “well we have that too, plus wii fit…”. To me it was like “uh, you don’t get it do you. We got a Modern Warfare One right when the 2nd one came out… so no, your NOT competing well for that 18 to 28 demographic”. Still, it’s nice to get a small update about how Nintendo is doing. Maybe the core gamer really is 30 to 35+, but the majority of gamers are still 18 – 28, and I doubt that is changing anytime soon.

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