Here’s the first of many upcoming interviews with our very own Regginator. While very little new information has come to light, he did drop a few lines most interesting. I’m sure most people have notice that the Nintendo presentation has been… scarce at the very least, with only a few new games being shown, and the Wii U being only demonstrated at the end, without any talk about Skyward Sword, nor Pikmin. Reggie is here to tell you why.

According to Reggie, this year’s E3 is solely focused on bringing over the Wii U controller, rather than flooding the audience with information about the games, technical specifications and such. He expects everyone who owns a Wii to eventually switch to a Wii U, including the gigantic chunk of casual gamers that the Wii originally attracted. It is interesting to note that at the very end he says “I could reveal the launch lineup, release date and price point here, but I won’t”, implying that some, if not all of this info is already available and decided, which in turn means that the following few months will be interesting, as well as the next E3. Only one year to go…

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