Nothing new overall in the interview, but it’s nice finding out that the sell out of 400,000 units is the best launch of a handheld device in Nintendo’s history (this assumes most units ever sold at launch). I was a bit skeptical when Iwata at GDC said that Nintendo’s goal was for the 3DS to be able to match, and maybe exceed, the number of total sales of the DS, which has an installed base of nearly 140 million. The 3DS is off to a great start, and all indications are that it will also open up to similar starts everywhere else in the world.

Nintendo certainly has a lot of momentum with the device, just like it did with the Wii. Question is how long they can sustain it. You’ve got the consumers interested right now, so now it comes down to providing compelling software spread out accordingly every year to continue the sales drive. The E-Shop will certainly entice people who buy it out the gate in a couple months as many may not be fully thrilled with the initial launch lineup – but beyond that (as in, beyond this year) it will be interesting to see how they handle the software strategy.

The Nintendo 3DS is hot stuff right now, and time will tell if the very powerful and back touch pad styled NGP is a better overall system and in turn the one most compelling to consumers in comparison to the 3DS. Right now Nintendo has it right: There is nothing out there like it and that alone is going to be a big selling point. However, they wont be able to hold onto that montra forever, as it’s likely we’ll see other companies debuting similarly capable devices if not the end of this year, then certainly next year. The 3DS is great right now, so lets see what Nintendo plans to do with it.

I know this, if I am able to watch Avatar one day on my 3DS and not need glasses to enjoy the full experience, I’ll be in a state of bliss.

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