A user on reddit by the name of AtobeHunter posted a remake of the 1988 Milton Bradley Legend of Zelda board game on January 5. The post was done, in part, to make available an updated board design for a Zelda game that was released more than 20 years ago. That game can still be found for purchase on sites like Amazon and eBay, but it isn’t cheap.

At the time of the writing of this article, the board game could not be found for less than $150 on Amazon or eBay. It’s for this reason that AtobeHunter chose to redesign and then release his own version of the game.

AtobeHunter acknowledged that a user on BoardGameGeek.com had already made a new version of the Zelda game. That said, Atobehunter still wanted to make a different one due to not being “pleased with the boards that came with the print and play version.”

To get the best results for using AtobeHunter’s design, it is recommended that the board be printed onto 11×17 paper on full bleed. The board should also be printed out to the border of the paper, according to the reddit post. AtobeHunter said, “For any of those who want to play the board game, I feel like this is your chance!” To view the original design of the Zelda game, click here.

The premise of the Legend of Zelda board game is to help Link on his quest, fight monsters, collect “heart chips,” and save Princess Zelda. A number of dice are used to control movement, enemy combat, and more. Anyone wishing for a chance to play the game without spending more than $100 can try out AtobeHunter’s board, but they will still have to find a replacement for the tokens and dice in the game.

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Source: reddit post

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