A Reddit frequenter going by the alias ‘Feefernet’ recently repainted a GameCube controller to represent certain characteristics related to Sheik. Obvious elements the controller’s face shows are the light and dark blue paint job in the style of Sheik’s debut outfit from Ocarina of Time, along with a bandage pattern around the handles, and the symbol of the Sheikah tribe above the Start button in red. When asked how he had created this fan mod, Feefernet responded:

-I sanded down the shell a little first, and used Krylon flat paints for everything.

-First layer was the light blue, everywhere.

-Then i taped everything besides the areas where all the buttons are and painted that area black, let it dry, then lightly speckled some of the blue over it, to give it that mesh look and the right color.

-Third step was the bandages, i taped around where i wanted them to go, painted it all gray, then cut extremely thin pieces of painters tape and wrapped it around in a bandagey kinda pattern, then did the speckling technique again, but with white.

-Then was the sheikah symbol. I printed an image of it onto sticker paper and stuck it into place, then CAREFULLY cut out the symbol, stencil style and sprayed it red.

-Matte finish over everything to give it the correct GC feel and to preserve it’s beauty. 🙂

The controller was made as a Christmas gift for the original poster’s best friend, and once asked what his reaction was, Feefernet responded by commenting this:

I can tell you that his reaction was perfect. Hugs and then immediate usage of it.

A complete image of the controller can be viewed in the gallery below. What do you think of the controller? Have you made any like this one? If so, share them in the comments

Source: Reddit

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